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Petty Landscape Design LLC offers a one stop shop to all of your landscape needs.

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Landscape Design

The most important aspect of a good landscape starts with a good design. This is Petty Landscape Design's specialty. As educated landscape designers our plant knowledge and ability to make a space feel like an escape from reality is unmatched.

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Landscape Implementation 

Implementation of the design on a property is what allows the clients to be able to enjoy the design. Petty Landscape Design LLC ensures that all designs are implemented to the specs of the designer and the property. This guarantees that the client is satisfied with the construction process. 

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Maintenace is also a vital part of any good design. Designs are made so that the client is able to enjoy their property for generations to come. One bulletproof way to ensure this is possible is with a good maintenance plan. Petty Landscape Design LLC specializes in maintaining its landscape designs.

About Petty Landscape Design LLC

The Outdoor Professionals

Petty Landscape Design LLC has been in business since 2020 and with nearly 6 years of landscape experience the company owner Thomas Petty has seen everything.


He is a UGA graduate with a bachelors degree in landscape architecture nearing the top of his class. Thomas fell in love with landscape architecture by growing to appreciate how landscapes are the only thing in the world that grow with the client. He believes that the goal of every landscape is to be unique to the client and should encapsulate what they want to achieve on their property.

Landscaping is not just about making a property beautiful, but about making beautiful spaces for a family to grow.



Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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